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Prince Ali (test)

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Just my first time lip syncing, second animation. Any tips or guidance would be appreciated!

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It's a pretty good test for lip syncing. I did like the fact that the characters eyes where matching the rhythm of the song. It's better than most test stuff and actual finished stuff I have seen.

Good job overall.

your lip syncing is not bad at all. Maybe a few spots here and there. First thing I would like to point out, is that there is not a single spot where teeth are shown. well... except for the part with his two carnivorous teeth are shown. Also, the tweens between the mouths moving need to be shorter, or you can add more to it to make it smoother, depends on what you feel like doing, but I recommend you work on getting a nice fps going so that it doesn't look so jagged in teh motions.

well... you still did a good job
not good enough to get you a real good rating, as this was just a simple lip sync test, but good. 3/5 10/10. if you are wondering about the review score being higher then the flash score. It's because I see nothing wrong with this. I just don't think it should score high. hope you understand.

It wasn't a test, but the whole thing was WTF!?

Pretty weird, some what annoying.

good start

Check out some mouth charts or look into a mirror and speak slowly to get an idea. Other then that it's a good start.

make content that people want to watch

i thought that this would be maybe the first 3+ rating that I would give today, but it turned out to be an uninspired sketch of a person singing half a Disney song.