Cheese Dream (loop)

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2012, we stand at the end of the world, genitals in hand, waving goodbye to All Things the best way we know how. Loopdeloop .org says: "Here's the deal, studies show that if you eat a good sized hunk of cheese before going to bed you are very likely to have vivid dreams. We challenge you to test this theory out and animate your loop based on the dream you have. We suggest keeping a notebook beside the bed to note it all down before the memories fade."

I didn't have any cheese, so I used what I had, and this happened.

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Wow, this is pretty damn great, favorited for sure. What program did you use to make the music? I really like the wobbling sound effect at the end of the music loop. Also what did you use as a cheese substitute, can I have a hint? :3

mrnihil responds:

Mrs. Rat uses Goldwave to mangle our audio. As for as your other question... ehhhhhhhh... I used all natural ingredients.

I have wired dreams all the time, but I do eat alot of chees so maybe thats why. ether way I like this vary much..........Show me more of your brain.

mrnihil responds:

Thanks, I intend to.

Insane dream!

Really trippy dream... multiple mouth'd creature grinding human bodies into a grinder, pouring it back to one of its mouths.

If it wasn't cheese that you ate, what did you use?

mrnihil responds:

Well. Let's just say it wasn't cheese. OR that it was the awesome power of imagination.

Good effort BUT

It doesn't belong on newgrounds sadly, it's not terrible, but it's more of an art project than a flash video. I wouldn't say stop making stuff, but maybe come out and do a full video... sorry I have to blam you though.

mrnihil responds:

Oh, yeah, I confused the slogan "everything, by everyone" for "everything, by everyone."


I wasn't planning to sleep anyway.

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Feb 2, 2012
7:18 PM EST