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Moisture Care

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Pumped this one out fairly quick, couple weeks or so. Hope you enjoy.

Animation, story, and voices by Sam Johnson
Music and voices by Tyson Meaney


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The Moisture Care Lady would easily turn this into an advertisement for Moisture Care, though... Something like
"Moisture Care, makes your skin so soft that anyone who touches your hands will instantly fall in love with you because your hands feel like the feathers from heaven. Just ask this dude!"
"i lov you forever and ever"
"yyyyeaahhhh, sure... Buy Moisture Care...." *holds up container to camera awkwardly*
This was a very witty and highly entertaining video with good animation and good style, so I give all my 5 stars to this one. (i don't normally 5 star things unless I'm really blown away, this hit me in just the right angle for all 5)


this is gotta be a true story

That's one ungrateful bitch. He would have given up everything for her. Fuck this.