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Mass Effect 3 Plot

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Holy crap, I finished this WAY sooner than I thought I would!

This is the official second addition to the "Plot" series. If you have a suggestion for another upcoming game (or even movie), let me know... but it has to be an UPCOMING game. Not a game like Portal 2, or Shadow the Hedgehog.

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Wow, Bioware should of hired you to write Mass Effect 3's ending. I mean, sure, this isn't what you probably would of done had you been the guy to write it, but this still would of been better then what we got originally... Or even with the Extended Cut actually. Also, I wanted an Elcor squadmate. Originally, I didn't, but when I found out they fight with cannons mounted to their backs, I really, REALLY, wanted one.

Toasters come from pants <:D

wish i could have gotten an elcor squadmate in me3 that would have been cool, also good job this flash made me laugh good job

you miss the colorful explosions xD

<3 ELCORS <3
p.s. they usually say their emotions before their sentences, because they can't vary their voice tone.