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Satty & Pop The Series 20

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Author Comments

Episode 20

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an amazing entry, once more.

a delightfull presentation of the life and times of sattellite (is he still on CC, or he left, BTW?)
and pop's... good tale, nice images/visuals, and fun depictions of haltman. (does he talk like burger-clock?)

umm, nice story, but the new cadets are FU-clock and anhkn-clock?
and how come satellite and pop's left weed?
what will they do to get at officer's status agn?

good film, though. 5/5

Pop-Tart responds:

That's a lot of questions, BB10

FU and Ankh are detectives.. they are at the academy looking for Sat & Pop (see episode 19)

They gave up weed because they blame it for ruining their lives... as for whether they return to duty... just keep watching. We're nearing the end!

As for Satty "IRL"... he's takin a break. He'll be back..



Pop-Tart responds:


In Rebuttle to my Fellow Reviewers

I didn't think it was THAT bad. I mean, it has clocks.

You get a 5/5.

This story depicts real life situations.

Pop-Tart responds:

This is the greatest story ever told.


I didn't get the joke but I can't blame this piece of crap!!! it seems good!!

Pop-Tart responds:

Watch the whole series. You'll laugh. You'll cry.