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Short parody of pokemon

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Finally i finished! I break my head trying to make my oun Loading bar but i finally did it!!
I just need to finish othe 5....... -.- Anyway! I need just a little more of practice and i will start making one of the animations i wanted to make for a long time ago!

For those that they didnt get the joke, is that when ask finally capture all the 302156 pokemons in the world now he have to feed every single pokemon, take care of all of them, like a pet... that is why i cant have too many pets D:
I wannted to make a collage of many diferents parodis in one animation, the problem was that it was goint to be too heavy to upload on internet and i dont want to get a worse quality of the music, so im going to make the all separate, sorry if they are too short, but we had a problem when we make the end.
Thanks for reading and for watching! Enjoy!!!

Note: I dont know why the buttons of Ng and Deviantart arent working.

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I understood and got the joke you were trying to convey with this short animation - I just didn't think it was funny. The idea and the joke itself is funny and just don't think the delivery was very well done.

The animation could really use some practice and work (but a decent enough start). The punchline didn't really exist and continued with the animation of the work involved with taking care of that many pokemon and then him trying to get rid of them/some. It felt more like two jokes without good comedy timing.

I'd also comment that the sound needs to be better and for the effect of the joke I think having the Professor easier to understand and go into more detail (instead of two examples and then blah blah blah blah).

Great idea though and not a bad start! Keep at it!


That was really good loved the jokes loved the animation was really cool. =P


I really like your joke! I'd work on your animation and comedic timing of delivering the jokes and you'll be an author to look out for.

Also a editor for your english would be good too :D

FoxlyTails responds:

HAHAH thank you!!

An editor of my english?? Ups........dont tell me i say something wrong XD