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The story of Yello Part 1

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Author Comments

This is my second animation on newgrounds, it took a while to make it (i'm a newb) but it was fun and i figured out alot. I haven't anything special to say but, I am going to make a part 2 if this part is succeful.

https://twitter.com/#!/Ev en572 :D

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Firstly, is it continuing?
secondly, bye :D

ScrammyT responds:

Thanks for the rating, but it was a kind of unnecessary review.

Not Good

It is short, and that may be its downfall among other things.

The graphics are too minimal, and should be altered to have more detail if possible. Other than that, there are no prominent issues. Animation should also have more detail, and also more fluidity. The character bouncing around to move isn't a problem, but the way it bounces around is too static and needs to be animated more. As a last note, lightning is very quick, and its light only stays in the sky for a split second, so you may want to shorten the amount of time that the sky stays lit.

As far as sound is concerned, most of it is needs some adjustment. The gibberish that the character speaks is too quiet, though. The sound you used for lightning sounds more like a muted gunshot than actual lightning. (Also, the close-up on the name Darkie is missing an epic bass hit.)

The plot is too short; in reality, it's only an introduction to a plot. This would be fine if it weren't so simple. Tarboy was basically just an intro as well, but it did a good job of making the plot expansive as to not leave the watcher feeling like they've just been tossed off the cliff they were hanging on (which may or may not make sense).

For your next part, should you make one, try to expand upon the plot, and do something about the sound. Add some environmental details and some shading if possible, and it should turn out okay.

ScrammyT responds:

I love this review, cause you are so constructive, THANKS :D