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The Breaking Point

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Another school project, though i did this for myself. I already did an environmental animation last year, so when it was assigned again, i decided to make this, it was expanded due to time constraints, if anyone puts in the comments how this thing went over board, they hit the nail on the head. This was intended to be sarcastic and over kill, i didn't want to make another serious environmental piece, especially considering how wrong that one went. anyways, i'll let the video do the talking, oh, the song is an amazing piece from Homestuck's 7th album, this is the band camp page: http://homestuck.bandcamp .com/album/homestuck-vol-
7-at-the-price-of-oblivio n
I do not claim to own any rights to the song, it just fit so well, please click the link, and buy things from the band camp because that whole damn album is incredible.
oh, and the credits at the beginning? all of the actors are fake. the sound effects and music are true though, stupid little joke i'm sure newgrounds won't let me take out so... oh well.

See ya!

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Yea wonderful~ X3

Potential mangled in execution.

Your slow, dramatic falling sequence stretches on -way- too long. I actually had to check if the wrapper was even moving or if the video had frozen/ended on a weird nonsequitur. If this is meant to be a parody of excessively long, obnoxious dramatic shots you could do to maybe break it up in the middle with some more evident parody - maybe a couple of edit cuts to keep the sequence visually interesting. It needs -something-.

Also, your character looks like he's wincing every time he blinks in the opening. Could do to work on more natural expressions.

Broddiccus responds:

it was intended to be incredibly long, as well as draggy, i thank you for the feed back and in retrospect, i know of ways i could have improved that bit, but i did intend for that. as far as the characters, i need a bit of practice, but it got the point across, that was probably because of the low frame rate. at the point of the fall you are more supposed to be listening to the audio anyways

Thanks again for the feed back!

Amusing and well done.

The only shame is that the guy that summons Cthulu doesn't get a chance to observe the horror of his carelessness.

I mean, someone has to get to enjoy the immense horror of the end of the world, otherwise who's going to learn?

Broddiccus responds:

you will! the point is that you are observing it. but then again, there wasn't much of a point to begin with other than humor, so what ever floats your boat



make you think twice about litering

Broddiccus responds:

i would say it makes you think a few times on several subjects.

a) some of the incredibly overexadurated theories about the products of global warming.

b) how much your out put of litter is.

it was meant in a multipurpose light, thanks for the comment!