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Sonic & Shadow:ARK Battle

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Author Comments

The Sonic fans among you will notice that this is a remake of a scene from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, it was a scene that I really liked as a kid so this is a sort of tribute to it.

I've been working on and off on this animation for far too long, a year, I think. But it's done now and I'm pleased with it. When Sonic Generations came out I considered using the remix of the song for the animation, but decided to keep the old one.

You'll notice that the style of this changes half way through, the first half primarily uses the pencil tool, the second half is using the brush. Opinions on which looks better would be appreciated.

Hope you enjoy watching!

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I love SA2

not bad, and the pencil is better for ur animations


This was a pretty cool animation. I liked the use of quotes from the actual game, and a lot of the animation was pretty good. I only would complain about the effects used, like the cracking the ground and the scene where the pathway started to shift. Particularly the second one. The perspective on that was off.

But, those are minor complaints at best. This was really well made. Nice work.



that was awesome

I wish that the real sonic v.s shadow battle was like that it was so cool!!!!!!!!!!