Stephen The Fox

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A storybook for children. Find your youngest and enjoy some quality time.
It rhymes a bit, woo.

Made for my girlfriend's youngest sibling. The kid loved it :D


Funny but god-awful xD


That story was a bit disturbing but then it had a somewhat funny ending. The color could have also been different but all that orange actually looked good.


That was weird. But it made me LOL


Very. It's not something I see very often.

I have two issues with the graphics here. The first is that the background is the same color as the fox, which makes telling exactly what the fox is doing difficult. The other is that the blood is a bit exaggerated, and also a bit dark.

The actual content of the story I find interesting; it's not every day that you hear about a mother fox that chews off the legs of her son only to find out that her son can hover. No wonder the kid loved it. I am happy that the story is written in proper English, though. Often when reviewing new submissions, that's usually thrown into the water.

There are two things that you could have done if you had the skills to do so. One thing is that you could have made an audio book, or you could have animated it. Either would make this better as long as they were decently done. Other than that, great stuff here.

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You write this for a young sibling... interesting!

This what kid tales should be now: if you misbehave, you'll suffer the consequences and your legs/arms will be cut off (Sarcasm). But seriously, i didn't expect that kind of endng! It made me laugh, good story though, a little messed up, but fairly nice and funny. You colud have made better animations. Good one!

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Jan 25, 2012
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