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an experimental piece that i didn't know what to call, so i picked a random name for it

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wat juzt happen???

What I saw was the worlds longest most colorful dick rape a tree to death, or rape it so it would be colorful... good artwork, lousy name and needs to have more to it. Justs seems like it was lacking some thing.

Judge the author by the cover, not the book.

Good art is always made with a reason. "Art for the sake of art" is creation. Creation is sooo fucking overdone it's boring. Invest in a few art history lessons and you'll quickly see that although modern art is a collective regurgitation of previous successes, any amount of recognition should be respected. I gave this a 3, mostly for it's name. Random? Please, nothing is random. Admit your creativity stalled so that an intelligent audience can recognize your honesty, and move on to a piece with more substance.

As for the video itself. Great colour palette, a lot of modern fashion is actually digging into these hues, we've yet to see digital art take to this fad. Next time, use those those brilliant hues in the tree, rather than showing a glitterspike of imagination fueling such a bland, organic shape. The length needs some improving, even a few extra seconds to turn this into a loop would have been nice. At least then you'd have the illusion of length. Also, I liked the classic music clip. You do have a talent for understanding classical music. Extrapolate on that, you have great parallels between the musical bars, and the visuals, now you only need to add more detail.

Keep going.

and for the love of god, have patience with the fucking titles. This is 2012, books are judged by their cover.

Uh, O.K.

It was a neat little movie, but what the hell does the name have anything to do with this thing?

Learn 2 Acronym

Awesome doesn't start with dubya


Nice concept but could use a bit more substance.

You have a good thing going here but in my opinion at least it could do with a bit more fleshing out because while it is pretty it just feels like there should be more after the tree is filled in.

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0.94 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2012
11:11 PM EST