Evil Son Goku Saga - ep2

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Still a little short and the script has changed a little; Goku goes to see Piccolo rather than King Kai (Piccolo can join in with the fighting you see ;) ) and the scenery changes to suit Earth's because thats where I want the story to appear to be.

This episode still leaves you in the dark about what the story is about but I'm getting to it. Evil Goku goes SSJ 3 in the next episode though :D dont miss it!

:: Update 23/11/02 ::
Evil Goku Ep.3 is looking 100 times better than the previous episodes and I am going to re-do episodes 1 and 2.

:: Update 22/12/02 ::
Evil Goku Ep.3 should be completed during the first two weeks of the new year - If you liked the fighting in Ep.2 then your gonna drool over the fighting in Ep.3!

:: Update 23/12/02 ::
DBZ Stick game in the works - yeah.. sticks but the effects will look AWESOME - you have my word :)
Hopefully you'll be able to play with any of the main characters and perhaps one or two "special" ones.


NOTE: CrazyJehuty Is The Creator Of Evil Goku!

way to short

way to short make the next one longer please

It was a little better than part 1.

So they are fighting on Earth, well that answers that question, But it was waaay too short, and there isn't going to be a part 3 notice this was made 9 years ago, if he was going to make part 3 it would have been long ago.

could you make ep 3

make a ep

good but sadly

-.- waaaaaaay too short

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3.90 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2002
8:53 AM EDT