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Half Full Episode 6

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*Update* W'hay! Daily 5th Thanks Newgrounds :D *Update*

The plot line in this one is a bit weird; I got the idea after I found "Bottled pheromones" on Amazon. Not sure if they work or not. Though to be honest I'm not particularly keen on trying them out.

This one seems to suffer some slowdown in places; it might be fixed with a slight adjustment of quality settings if you're having any problems.

I've had a play around with some of the character designs and drawing techniques. In the previous animations I've made, the drawings were scanned in to the computer and coloured with the line tool. With this one I've played around more with the brush tool/converting lines to fills.
The character designs have been spruced up a bit as well.

If you've seen any of the previous episodes you may have spotted a few bits and pieces popping up like the foreshadowing stuff from episode 1 is coming into play (Along with the cliff hanger from episode 3)

Hope you like it and useful critiques are more than welcome. I've tried to take on board stuff mentioned in the past.

Thanks guys

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Now we're finally catching up to the point in the series I started at.
I first saw episode 7 on ABS, which is how I found out about this series.

Just love it, been a while since I've seen a real series on Newgrounds.

SingingmuteStuff responds:

Thanks :D

Witty Humor a rare sight

in the age of stupid humor. Interesting Story, good animation with accents.
What's not to like?

i like but

a human turn in a monster by his own sweat?

really strange......

greath animation the scrip is good


SingingmuteStuff responds:

Not just sweat, but weeks' worth of harvested/processed 100% pure pheromones

Amazing Work

Im sorry this review isnt long, but the sound, quality, art, and Graphics was amazing to me. 10/10 and 5/5. I will make sure to make other review to you the length they deserve.

SingingmuteStuff responds:

Thanks :) Glad you liked it.