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Nerds in Scribbles

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Author Comments

Woo, it sure is nice to be able to look back on high school and make light of a living hell.

Use the pause button, I didn't time this very well. Frankly, this is probably the last scribbles I'll do strictly as a narrated slideshow, so I'm not bothering to fix the timeline! Piss on you :D

Just kidding, hope you like it.

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Me and most of my friends are nerds. And when ever it's shitty movie night and one of those movies is in the inbox we always go "... Is this guy the nerd? If so, that's pathetic."
But to the constructive criticism. This is very good, I like how the drawing's are very simplistic and non-bullshitty. The narration was clear and truthful. Should I find you online somewhere, (Damn me for referencing an old tired meme) but all my base would belong to you, sir.

Indigno-Studios responds:

That's good, because some other guy was in my base, killin' my doods.

It's funny, though, I happened to read this review just as I was animating my next cartoon precisely in a part where one character is saying something about all your base. ESP, luck, or stalking. All sound fun ;)

Also, the guy speaking is named "Outdated Meme Man"

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting much

and then you absolutely murdered my expectations in the best of ways.

I dont even know where to begin. Everything you said was true, except for one person I knew. She was exactly like the movie nerds, going so far as to try set up her own drama by trying to spread rumors about herself to make her seem like one of the "cool" kids (her logic never made sense to me). And now it's antidepressant land for the irl movie nerd...

Good job, you made a very entertaining piece about things that usually bore me to listen to. Like I said, I wasn't expecting much, so I was/am kind of overloaded by how amazing this really is.

Indigno-Studios responds:

Hah. I'm flattered, thank you.

Mostly accurate

But I was a nerd, cool kid, stoner, and jock all rolled into one, but I see (and have seen) what you are talking about.

I yarn for you to do flip-book animation

Indigno-Studios responds:

You called it, and I'm a whopping 7 frames in!

Also, I was of the stoner/ goth/ nerd aura myself. It's more about stereotypical nerd perception than reality.

This is good.

Being 24 years old, I've kind of outgrown the target audience of this flash, but in reality, I haven't. I've come to these conclusions some 10 years ago, but you've put it together in a very complete and concise way that is far better that I could have if asked these types of questions on the spot. In reality though, this is always the case. It goes from being clicks in school to economic, religious and political standings, which is just as bad. I don't think it'll ever get better, people as a whole are just too dumb.

I feel I should mention that Star Wars, video games, comic books, etc. IS the popular thing now. When I was about 16 or 17 these things started being made into movies by the dozens and popping up so much that if you WEREN'T a fan of Halo or what have you, you were the odd one out. That's not to say that you're point is any less valid, it's just that the status quo is shifting around some.

There's probably a lot to be desired about your flash skills, but I really like this style, and it fit very much with the subject matter. So, overall, thumbs up. And, I'm sad to say, it never gets better. Smile!

Indigno-Studios responds:

Oh, I know these things. Star Trek, however, still isn't generally mainstream.

And yes, I know the flash is lacking, that's the point. I'm actually working on another short right now using pen and paper animation. I'm experimenting with this style a bit.