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This little project I have done is a demonstration for an xbox arcade game. It's a work in progress, I would just like to see what people think so far. I have animated just enough to give the player a feel for the game. Let me know what you think!

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So far it's not a game. Clicking a button when prompted is a game mechanic, but that can't be the whole game. You can't exactly get a good feel of the game if all you are doing is clicking the mouse once.

G-F-D responds:

I don't think you read "demonstration".


From the looks of what you have, the game seems kinda clunky. If you are not really relying on graphics for a game, than story, fluidity and likability need to pick up the slack. Really smooth movement and controller recognition can help a game immensely but that will only go so far. It did not look like you had a lot of customization or items to pick for your character. I don't know the back story of the character.

Although Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers were very simple games with limited graphics, they played really smoothly, had funny and likable stories/characters and an overall personality that resonated from it. Time and thought was put into them and not just a means to make a quick buck. I kinda see what your going for, but this needs a lot more polishing before I would ever buy it from the xbox arcade.

G-F-D responds:

It's supposed to be a quick pick up and play style hack and slash. Yes it is still very raw and needs loads of polishing, but just needed some feedback since I have not really showed it around yet. The game is aimed for 3+ so it is quite simple, 2-3 buttons and simple graphics. There is a back story, quite a long one and a lot of features like chase scenes and collecting items that unlock powers. Basically you have to chase the boss to different areas of the world and collect artifacts that will slow him down etc. It's not actually going up on xbox arcade :P it's just a 1st year work in progress uni project!
Thanks for the review :)


It seems decent, but the art could've been better and it seems as a "one button" game. If you were to put this on Xbox it'll be an Indie game (if they allow it)


Cool animation. I thought it was a game at first, but still pretty cool.


i dont know what you expected but with no story, sound or anything really i can't like this. i get it's a video of a game you're making, but either submit the game itself or save promo vids like this for youtube

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Jan 12, 2012
1:05 PM EST