Coffin Boy

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Sup yall.
This is a quick (30 second) cartoon I made. I've never submitted anything before and this is my first ever hand-drawn animation.



It was alright

the animation was alright but i didnt really see the point. my main question is why was he a coffin. i just seemed like a shortcut instead of drawing a body

Great Start

It was a not short, and lacking in finish. However, there was nothing particularly wrong with it, and I'd say that you're off to a great start with your first submission. I hope to see more from you in the future.

Original comedy is original.

This must be one of the better flash animations I've seen so far, and a great one for someone's first animation. I like the original plot.

The walking animation is a little bit on the choppy side, and I couldn't quite get how he ended up on the floor when he was trying to pull the gum off. And the perspective at the end is a little bit skewed...

...but don't mind my rambling. These are just tips for the next animation you make, and I'm here hoping it'll be a hit. I loved your work, and I hope to see a lot more - so a 8/10 for the review, but a resounding 5/5 on the voting ('coz that's what matters)!

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First time? Seriously? In that case, excellent!

I'm not too good at reviewing non-interactive stuff, but I'd like to encourage a new artist.

For a first hand-drawn animation, this is pretty well-done. The animation is excellent, and depending on how intricate the animation is the drawing style is alright.

The humor is very.... what word can I use to describe it? "Newgrounds." It will pretty much fit right in here. For me personally, it's a little creepy, but I try to be objective. Still, it's very simple. I'd encourage you to really experiment and see what you're good at.

I'd say get cracking on exploring art styles, because the monkey and steam roller in this animation look like an Adult Swim cartoon, which isn't a good thing.
Keep up the good work on animating, but again, really experiment.

For a first submission and a first animation project, this is excellent. Keep it up, and don't be afraid of criticism. I really hope you get where you want to go.

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3.03 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2012
10:10 PM EST
Comedy - Original