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Ken Vs. Guile

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O.k. Well my last flash got blammed.... I felt sad. T_______T But you cant let something liek that get you down so I took some time to make a new one and seeing as I didnt have a tablet I decided to make one with sprites. Not having use them before I had some time getting use to placement and stuff but i think it went alrite. This is just basically what happens everytime I play street fighter as Ken and it's pretty short Like just 10 seconds but... Guile's Theme. *Troll Face* Seriously don't treat this to harshly it's just a short experiment not some long movie.....


You should....

1) .... use your frame rate 20 between 40....
2) .... get some experience before share an animation....
3) .... You not such a bad animator... i was worse than you ;)
4) .... Try to make an animation with Street Fighter 3 sprites :)...

Sry bro

Man... my ears almos blown... next time... be sure alll these possible little problems will be fixed

Music looping and sprites

The music looping is a big problem. Also the sprites look a little jittery, like they don't stick to a set path or placement when needed, nice attempt though.


If you let it play more than once, the music just loops over itself.

sweet god make it stop!

while the animation wasn't all that bad, it was terribly short and had little to no actual story to it, no sound effects or anything either! On top of that, THE MUSIC REPEATS AND OVERLAPS THE ANIMATION WHEN MORE MUSIC STARTS, creating a nonstop ear rape, a BRUTAL one at that. I'd really like to see you improve though, so just keep my advice in mind.

in addition, the time you took to coordinate each sprite was really nice and it wouldn't be too bad if you had something to stop the music. Just look up some actionscript codes and make it longer next time :)

DovahkiinHelm responds:

yeah sorry bout that at the time i just assumed it would stop by itself so i put it up...... obviously it didnt.... and now everyones ears are dead. i'll keep your advice in mind.

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1.37 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2012
4:40 PM EST