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NG Music Review Review

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**DISCLAIMER: This is a parody of YouriX's Music Review - go watch that now!!**

My brother from another mother, YouriX, made some movies where he reviews music from our very own Audio Portal!
I made a review of that movie.
Style, theme, pacing - pretty much everything in here is a (gentle) parody of YouriX. Which means none of this will make any sense if you didn't go and see his first.
Now with 42% more love.

I am aware that he already released a fourth episode. I'm not going to go back and re-record/animate just because he is a machine.
I am not making more of these, in spite of what I may say. That was part of the parody.

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This is currently ranked as the greatest submission to the portal of all time! Frankly, I do not understand why. It goes on too long, for one thing. It also seems to just be this guy talking minute after minute. The best part was probably when it showed some graphics of the actual website. This was a bit out of place, but still worked well.

Your voice acting seems a bit off too. There isn't a lot of emotion in this character's voice. You could have also used a background of some sort. Given how popular this is, you obviously have potential. You need to be more detailed and trim it a bit.

Loved it

I had to almost laugh out loud. But cant since its 7 a.m right now. :P Anyways loved how you poked fun about my show but kept it respectfull.

I never had somebody make a parody of me before so its kind of surreal XD
Glad you liked the show so much and thanks for supporting it.

Funny enough i was looking foward to the second episode. lol XD

Adam-Beilgard responds:

Sweet! I'm glad you liked it!

Sorry I can't make another episode, I don't think this idea could go on too long before it got stale.

Overall, I give your review of my review of your review a 10!