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1 Take 1 Loop

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Soooo this is my FBF (frame by frame) loop!
I made this thing to learn FBF. So in the beginning of this animation, it will be not so smooth and pretty bad animated. But then it gets better and better, because I learn more and more :D

Please tell me what you think in the comments, and rate the movie :)

MY FIRST AWARD!!! Daily forth place!!! Thanks!!! :D
I am super happy now :3 It's hard to express happiness in words :>

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Random and amusing

Well so its not all the time you see flash works like this especially in a movie form so i was actually suprised with how you presented this and how you let it flow from start to the end, So in that aspect of things it actually does get off to a decent start, Ok so not fond of the loop but guess thats the "IDEA" of it all and such, Frame by frame is tricky and odd its good animation just not always succesfull, but for the most part this was still ok. There is actually alot going on here and the animation seems to flow with every next scene so nice effort there. So The "MUSIC" was in good taste and as for a looping type of flash it seemed to work, The music also seems to fit the FBF style. I was really impressed with the "STORY" really looks like you put the time in on it, showing that a little effort can go along ways, so the story was greatand had some nice depth to it. but it also has some randomness to it and thats was notbad either. The Artwork was ok, but the animation seemed more of a strong point in this, maybe if you can smooth out some of your linework on the drawings it might come together abit better. This was a nice Flash submission had some artistic value and some sense of humor, and keeps youinterested aswell as entertained, there were some areas that could use some more clever ideas and tips, but that also comes with most flash submissions, so maybe below i will have a few ideas for you, but regardless of this all, this was actually notbad of a flash entry.

This was a good animation it has a smooth side of things and the style and direction was ok, but i believe that there needs to be an even smooth effort on things, the flash was decent, but i must say there are still some clever ways you can make this better, such as using varias ideas and advice that will in the endmake this more quality then it is, just something to think about, So as for some improvment changes maybe some better drawings and line-work, but besides that it was alright.

Carr77 responds:

Thanks for the long comment (I love those), and you had many good points and ideas :)
I will think of those in the future :D

Very clever.

I love the way that this piece progresses through the loop, developing from one scene to another and back again, without seeming to have gone very far at all. The fact that each frame is hand drawn makes it even better and the music integrates with it very cleverly.

You've clearly worked a lot on the story, moving from one scene to the other, which really helps the layout. his is one of the more detailed pieces of frame-by-frame animation that I've ever seen, yet it still looks a little weird in places, which is the curse of FBF - the nose on the initial character is strange, but not insurmountable. Little touches make all the difference and the quirky look of the clown's nose as it changes shape is brilliant.

You chose a great track for it, though give credit where it's due in the credits section, since this piece loops, not having an end, where you can show this. You've not put a comment about it or anything, so even if it is you, more kudos can b obtained.

[Review Request Club]

Carr77 responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it :D
The credits are in the menu, and it do say the name of the song, and who made it :)

It's a very nice loop, but it doesn't seem to get much deeper than that. The animation is well done, as are the transitions, and it is obvious that you are talented with this kind of thing, it just isn't really my style. I will grade this flash on how well it was done, not personal opinion, however.

Animation / Graphics - This portion was probably both the best and worst part of the flash. In one sense, it is very good because the transitions are done beautifully, however the drawings themselves just have a rather grainy and depressing look to them, and they could have been drawn better. It does have an artistic feel to it, which is something I can deeply appreciate, so this section gained you two stars all by itself. Good work here.

Story - There really can't be any story to something as random and incoherent as this animation. Don't get me wrong, it is a wonderful animation and I'm sure you put a lot of effort into it, it is just this section doesn't gain you any stars due to there being no story to begin with. I understand that this doesn't really need a story, but this section was an important one.

Audio - The music fit well into the animation, giving meaning to the feel of the whole thing, and flowing with the various transitions and animations. It seems to have that soft mysterious flow to it, that soothes the listener and draws them in to watch further. This section will gain you another two stars, evening you out at a solid four star score.

Overall - Very nicely done, very artistic, and truly worth my time. Keep up the good work, I expect to see more of this quality of work from you, or even better if you keep practicing!

-Review Request Club-

Carr77 responds:

Thanks :3 I love getting comments :D
I will try to add a story next time :)

I found that to be fairly entertaining and it loops perfectly since once it reached the end I thought it would end yet it simply starts all over again. The only non looping thing here is the music which is pretty well. That or is looping a part of it and I did not notice it.

The animation was very simplistic in design and yet very interesting at the same time. Almost as if you are just going through someone's mind as they slept. However the dream never truly ends and they are stuck in a cycle that will possibly never end for them.

The music playing seems fitting since it gives that feeling of weirdness and at the same time a feel of them being in a dream state where despite all they see, none of it is truly real.

Overall, excellently done loop and very interesting piece.

Review Request Club

Carr77 responds:

4,5/5 :D
THANKS! Im super happy now :3

First I have to state the most obvious thing: everything flows well, and the looping is done great. It's fluent, and there's enough different stuff in it. Everything is drawn well, since it's clear what every person/place is.

I would've liked the different people and places to have something in common though. Or some climax that the loop is going to. Just seeing all those different people merging gets a bit boring.
The background music, a great choice, makes it kind of relaxing though. So if that's what you're going for you succeeded.

Anyway, you deserve the daily fourth prize. Maybe for next time you can make something exiting happen.

Review request club

Carr77 responds:

Hey, thanks! And yeah, the loop is random and it doesn't have a point xD
The reason for that is that the loop were an animation experiment. I wanted to try to make some FBF :D
I'll try to add more story to it next time :3

Thanks for commenting :)