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Blonde in a Bar

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There is an Easter Egg in the Preloader hanging on a wall somewhere. Try and find it!

A somewhat "harmless" joke about a blonde haired woman going into a bar... isn't so harmless...

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This flash is above average at best...

However, when i saw it, i couldnt find a thing that i would change, because its amazing just the way it is.

At first I didn't get it...

... But now I do!

Blondes obviously can't drive because they'll drive and crash due to intoxication!

Try this one.

Guy walks into a bar, and there's a donkey sitting in the corner with a sign around it's neck..."if you can make me laugh, you get a free drink." Guy walks over, whispers into the donkey's ear, and the donkey busts out laughing. Bartender is amazed, and hands him his free drink. Next day, guy walks into the bar again, donkey's still laughing, but the sign now says "if you can make me cry, you'll get a free drink." Guy walks over to the donkey, stands in front of it, a second later the donkey is crying.

Bartender walks up to the guy with his free drink. "Dude, how the hell did you make my donkey laugh and cry?"

"First day I told the donkey I had a dick bigger than his. Second day, I proved it."

Nasarian responds:

Hehe I'll definitely use that one!

Damn that was great

I gotta say, the Easter Egg (white ball in the billiard picture) was the best part. The facial reactions were hilarious and don't even get me started on those faces!



violets were blue.
the origins of the poem "roses are red" dates back nearly 422 years ago. Written in old English, at the time there was no word to distinguish Indigo and Violet. It wasn't until Sir Issac Newton noted it, that the 7th colour was really recognized scientifically. believe it or not, it was a huge development for the English language, making us one of only a few languages to have a complex system for colour cognition. That, and the original poem said "Roses are red, and violets blew" ... You can thank Shakespeare for the miscommunication actually. ;) Don't rag on what you don't know.

Gotta' work on the humor in this flash. A good rule of thumb is "no humor isn't humor; if it doesn't need to be said, don't say it." I get the idea of humor being at the speakers expense, rather than who the joke is actually about (@theblonde) but you lost your audience at the 3 addition to the story. It was suddenly dry.

Great animation style, it's very fluid, tweens are smooth and all the movements are hilariously unnatural. I liked the quick and apparently intentional funny faces that you snuck into quick scenes.

keep going, and don't skimp on the backgrounds. put as much time into the cityscape and surroundings as you did into the faces, and the blonde's boobs. (don't worry, we all saw 'em)

Nasarian responds:

Heh understood. I actually knew the origin of the joke. The Easter egg was actually poking fun of people who thought violets were blue. I had a friend who, whenever I told him the joke, he would say violets are not blue, so that was a bit of a eulogy for him. I explained that to him and he pretty much was stumped.

But good eye on the history.