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RHG Fight 2 !!

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after a 4-5 days of hard work i represent my finest work !!

Logax"the Red Gloves Of Air versus Bo " The Mallet Master"

Criticism wanted !!

enjoy and comment !!

i'm still a noob BTW so go easy on me , this is my 6th animation xD !!

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Epic!.. Movie!.. Ever!

Liking it, But needs work

So i do like the animation, Most of it is smooth animation, however a few things that i want to point at that docked you some points.

Speling/Grammer: I Can not urge enough how much spelling and grammer can make or break and flash, Work on that and I think it will be more enjoyable.

Sound: Music was nice, However i think the DBZ animation sounds were a bit clitche, However I did like the fight scene,

Effects: The blood and such was a little.. Eh-ish, but you said you just started so, again it has potentail, just..you dont need so much blood XD. Clean up the art a bit and the other ones and im sure you'll do great. I'll be watching you ^^

webfox01 responds:

thx for the advice :D

i liked it

was quite short for a stick fight but a bad thing cus sometimes they can just go on and on. i just felt that at times there should be more movement from the characters as it seemed that only one would move at a time. liked the close up shots though they were nicely detailed, only thing wrong with them was the first one of blue their faces, logaxs' face was too dark and it took time to see the detail.

keep up the good work

webfox01 responds:

hmmm , i'll put that in mind next time thx ^^