Adrellia Village #37.7

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Adrellia Village:
Season 2, Episode 37.7:
Almandines n' Stuff

10/16/11 (original) - Almandines n' Stuff

Drake advertises almandines. Made for science class.


Pretty Funny

I really enjoyed the humor in this submission, and it's very obvious that you have some experience with flash animations. The fact that the audio synced up with the visuals well, was a huge bonus in my book (many newgrounds users seem to skip past steps like this in the animation process). The visual presentation of this project was better than average, but far from perfect.

Overall this animation impressed me, and I would love to see where you go in the future with your work.


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Good humour

I think that you've come up with a good script and have animated it well. With the recital of the script, perhaps between the setup and the start of the next line, you should pause more - don't rush these things. "What is stuff, you say?" came in too quickly for my linking.

You've done well on the writing part and while I'm not as impressed with the drawing side of things, you've still made it more than passable. Using images that you've sourced from Google and interspersing them with your own drawing is a terrible faux pas, preventing you from getting the piece exactly where I feel that it should be. Take the images as research and draw them by hand - yes, it is more time consuming, but it will look so much better in the long run.

Perhaps a symbol for your currency. A "C" with a vertical line through it, in the place that a pound or dollar sign would reside would be a great start, since it shows what you're after. On top of that, don't read the whole description of the currency out each time. The first time should suffice, while calling them "coins" afterward would be just what you need.

Finally, why is the guy in a drawing room or library, as opposed to being in a shop? I know that Almandines 'n' Stuff is supposed to be a retailer of some sort, but even an upper class jeweller has a good looking shop establishment to peddle goods from.

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This is a pretty funny flash. I got a good laugh out of it.

Maybe the graphics aren't that brilliant, but they are still decent. I liked that you also added backgrounds to the scenes that where "filmed". Maybe a background for the girl that never gave her OK to be photographed would be nice as well, but it works with a plain white background as well.

The voice acting was good, too. Maybe the shop owner sounded a bit bored, but on the other hand, the whole advertisement was a huge parody, so maybe the voice was a parody itself.

Oh yeah, I also liked the "9,001 coins in adrellian money" joke. Reminded me a bit of the old Windows Commercial where Steve Ballmer asks: "How much did you guess? $100? A thousand? Even more? NOOOO!".

The only thing that's missing here is a replay butto. ;)

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Loved this, what i liked most about it was the great ending with the line about the credits, it really is so true. I thought that your voice acting was great, you nailed the characters you were trying to depict. The comedy was sharp and funny. If there was one thing that was missing with your short it would have to be the lack of animation, but you thought of clever ways to cover up that. Overall this was fantastic and i will be sure to check out the other submissions in the series, keep up the great work.

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3.85 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2011
5:33 PM EST
Comedy - Parody