Thank You For Calling...

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Thank You For Calling...

The animation is about a group of employees and how they make it through the black and white world of a call center. Three main characters will appear in each episode and the story will be centered around them. Chuck the operator taking the call in this episode, Randell the manager and Quincy who is kind of like Chucks little side kick.

Everything in the call center including the employees are in black and white. Only items that the employees bring from outside the call center are in color.

The animation is based in a call center, but anyone who has worked in a corporate office environment know just how black and white things can be. I really want to poke fun at how black and white things can be and I already have material written around, meetings, one on one situation with supervisors, human resources and breaks in the lunch room.

In future episodes I am going to incorporate more color items for the employees to bring in. Such as when the call center has a "Hawaiian Shirt Day", any Hawaiian shirt that the employees are wearing will be in vibrant color.

I'm excited to expand upon the concept of a call center animation series and know that as people get to know the characters with each episode, the funnier it will be.

This is more of a quick animation that I did just to get back in the swing of things and learn flash over again. The last time I used flash adobe didn't own the rights to it. So please come back to see future animation is this series, because I promise they will get funnier with each episode.

Thank you for viewing this and if you enjoy it please tell your friends to watch too!


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I work at a call center for AT&T mobile phones. You are hilarious man, especially in the beginning with the customer's frustrating questions. The whole two nut thing wasn't that funny though.

Thank you for making.

This flash is a comical sarcastic venture into the world of cold calling. It's mainly an audio flash, although there are some characters moving around and performing some simple animations. It is rather funny however and very rude. The flash is a fair length and contains a full storyline.

Personally I find the exaggerated sexual humour a little disbelieving and silly (probably due to my serious nature), but the overall relevance to cold calling and the complete contrast to the dull repetition of standard service conversations is appealing. You've already come up with some ideas as to how to expand the series, and because your concept is open ended there are significant directions that you could take this series.

The graphics are simple, but what stood out for me was the amazing three dimensional depth perception. You clearly erect your structures with great skill. The animation is mainly smooth although the bobbing up/down and shaking when he walks is a little laughable. The objects throughout all look a little basic but the number and application of those objects is very encouraging, such as the animated computer screen and the shadows under the desk. However some things are a little jagged and out of perception, such as the lights, however since it is not a serious representation of real life the graphics don't have to have serious angles. If you could put more objects in and add some textures to them then you'll have a very tasty looking flash.

The choice of script meant that you could pretty much get away with anything. The slightly croakiness in the main voice adds some probably unintended humour, and the caller sounds unusually interested and polite. Both are voice acted well and I can hear some quiet and very suitable ambience - I like that. You don't need music if the ambience is as good as this.

I only watched it twice, and I wouldn't rush back to watch it again, but it will probably be more appealing if it became known as the first episode to a great series - maybe I'll show it to a few mischievous friends one day.

Overall it's a pretty impressive and convincing start to your series. Your dedication shows in your opening comment and your submission. The design does hold some potential so keeping it fresh should be easy. All I ask is that you take your time and enjoy making the next flash, which if it is as good as this and better I would be quite content, as so should you be.

* * * * * * ( 6 - 10 ) "Decent"

BigEyedPuppy responds:

Thanks for the constructive feedback. I am defenitly going to look into adding more objects and some texture to series. Thanks again and Happpy New Year!



This shit is straight up funny like the first time I walked in on my mom and found out she was really a dude...I work for a call center and you could go on for days and days wit material! What an amazing concept! I think you should get yourself a gangsta ass agent to promote this shit! YALL PEOPLE BE CRAZY IF YOU DONT GIVE THIS SHIT 10 STARS! VOTE AND TELL YALLS FRIENDS!


BigEyedPuppy responds:

Thanks for watching!

Oh man the good ol' days!

i worked technical support for comcast for business customers also for hyundai giving warranty info etc, man it tore at my soul, but keeping humor about it all and the whole call center lifestyle that grows on you like a cancer kept me working for convergys for like 2 years lol i really enjoyed this and see where you can go with this i'm excited to follow this series. i remember this guy called me and said his internet wasnt working at his job and when i asked him to try unplugging/plugging back in his router he was like "oh, thats already set up and put away" and I was like "ummmm, for a wireless connection sir your going to need your router plugged in" and he just swore he didnt and that his computer said the setup was complete so he put it away and thats why he thought they called it wireless....got it fixed and made him laugh but most people werent so happy to feel like idiots in similiar situations lol just thought i'd share.

BigEyedPuppy responds:

Thanks for watching. With your experience in call centers you will totally get the next cartoon. Thanks again

Good lord yes

I have to say, I was very pleased to see someone having the same mindset in this environment as myself. Sometimes your callers will agree, agree, agree... then it's like everything you just said is gone and you're back full circle... FUCK! And the sup... well, let's just say that you covered both sides of the story well. Good effing job, Ryan, you have a talent. I am looking forward to more of these animations!

BigEyedPuppy responds:

Thanks, I'm going to start working on the second short right away. Takes place in a meeting. Thanks again for the feedback!

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