Rockstar Jones

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Rockstar Jones travels planet to planet with his band, dealing with alien mobsters and crazy groupies.

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I wonder what will happen to that poor girl with the leg tumor :(


All players of the Tomb Raider series agree: big boobs are a surefire way to heaven. Problem is, in this game, every female feature looks like a ball and is distorted, so, no appeals for the girls.

The drug use is not funny, nor it's dramatic or iconical so, again, no appeal.

The main character is a jerk with not a single redeeming trait or skill, so, no appeal.

Basically, I don't see anything too new or interesting in the game, but I don't think it's malicious or evil either. Is just... bland.

Wasn't amazing.

To be honest, i didn't even get it. The bad voice acting and graphics were annoying and the sex scene at the end was abit stupid? I don't know. Didn't like it personally.

haha! great!

The WTF guy was great! Voted you a fiver. Make more bro!