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GameFAQs: Ryu Vs CATS

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Author Comments

Gamefaqs.com pits Ryu against CATS? With all the conditions perfect for another AYBABTU spoof, hiliarity is bound to ensue.

Hey I found a way to edit. Anyway it seems like people are missing out on the ending because they close it when the credits start. DON'T, there is more insane nonsense, although it doesn't involve street fighter in anyway, it has a cool Elvis All Your Base remix and CATS setting up Osama the bomb and taking his base.

If your wondering, Jug is a joke at gamefaqs, since there is an assumption that female characters get more votes because of their huge breast. That is called The Jug Factor or TJF.

Yeah and I know Ryu won, this flash video came out a day just before the voting, so there wasn't much time, I just re edited after the poll with the bonus thing at the end. Actually I'm glad Ryu won, imagine making a Samus Aran vs CATS flash video, all those metroids, Ridley and Kraid, and then making it better than this video with a new creative idea. Well better get started on my next video, which has nothing to do with All Your Base.

Music by: Craziest Men On Mars and Evolution Control.

Update 2: Wow, made it onto the AYBABTU collection page. Thanks Tom or whoever did that.

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DUDE I LOVE STREET FIGHTERS AND RYU AND U U KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not bad.

Hiliarity sure didn't ensue but i did get a laugh here and there from the video and the idea of having Ryu vs. CATS from the whole Gamefaqs tournament that they do every year,the flash was executed pretty good there we're a flaw here and there but for the most part it was solid and enjoyable,good job.

FTW!!! CATS!!!

It's just so bad and crappy, it's funny.

I mean, the graphics and stuff are horrible, the concept is stupid, but the way it was done, it manages to make me laugh.

Good job.

Super lol

I like the credit one that you used Elvis song n' mo it to AYB. I don't understand why it's funny.

Yet ANOTHER AYB imitation.

How many "All your base" spoofs are there already? It's getting as bad as the zombie spoofs. I remember when everything on New Grounds (or close to everything) was original. But now? Its just parody after parody, and 99% of the time, they're all terrible. This is no different. If you can put this much time into making an AYB parody, you can put that much time into creating your own idea.

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2002
10:32 PM EDT