Tripod Spider Thing

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Second time with flash. I hope you guys are alright with me storing practice attempts on this website :)

This took me 3 hours to do. I learned a lot from it. I really enjoy creating artwork and then breathing life into it. Really cool stuff. I plan to do more ambitious projects in the near future. I hope you guys can give me constructive feedback! Next video WILL have sound, I can assure you.


Flashes aren't STORED on this site...

they are brought here to be judged. I'll give you 2/10 for trying to improve though.

"It took me 3 hours to do"

I rate by time and effort managed into animations. Newgrounds needs something that takes at least a full day's effort of animation. Otherwise, it gets clogged up with many test/small animations. NG gets a lot a day, so try to make it have purpose besides little things like "sound." I understand you'll do more 'ambitious' projects in the future, but save demos and tests for yourself and fellow animators - or go on the forums to showcase skills.

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This isn't bad, but...

...no, please don't store your tests here. This isn't Testgrounds. This animation was not bad. I liked it. The problem is that when people see parts and bits of flashes on here, then they want to submit their own parts and bits. If everyone put as much work into them as you did in this one, that might not be so bad. If they did as well as you did with this, it might not be so bad. But they don't, and we've got a lot of crap that get on here that shouldn't be, simply because people aren't sure what's supposed to pass anymore.

I look forward to seeing more for you. You've already shown that you're better than a lot of the noobies that show up here. Keep trying, and don't get discouraged if this doesn't pass. Tests aren't supposed to pass, but they do.

I liked it, but it's not enough to stay on here. Yet. :)

Not bad...

His antenna's were left behind as it flew about. Erm, if you are looking for some constructive criticism, I would say, get some sound like you said and make it more of a story rather than a loop. Fluid animation, the drawings make sense (not scribbles). I feel you did great learning from this.

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2.14 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2011
8:48 PM EST