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The Orifice Origin

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Author Comments

This was my second attempt at a Flash movie, and the first time I used the severed chained torso avatar. Watch my shitty animation in this purple nightmare of a cartoon and learn why there are so many assholes out there today! :)

**Dedicated To Inspector Frinkling!!**

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Nice but could be better

Very informative, you enlightened me ^_^. The graphics could be better and the same goes for the voices. But not bad for a beginner

not horrible

i found the explaination preaty funny but yea still have to work on graphics


Indeed not bad, nice explanation in the flash, but the graphics really lacked, oh and good voice acting.


Well that's a good explanation for where do assholes come from. Although I found it more interesting to read the review battle author has with Frinkling.

This is a response to a response to a review

"Votes dark, yet submits nothing". Hey, all you flash makers out there that admit your work is crap "Some of us are learning as we go along, working on our skills, trying to improve", yet still want a good rating....here you go! Now all the CRAP out there like this will be posted on the front page, so pathetic idiots or "fucknuggets" like myself can waste their time clicking on it. Listen whazzat, I checked you, and you terminated " 27 crappy entries. " Now, what do you say to those 27 people, who probably worked just as hard as you, and just as much more than me? Did it ever occur to you how much of an idiot you are? I mean, maybe there are people that go to Newgrounds for something beyond the stereotype of this type of site. A good example of this site's stereotype was on the simpsons. It was called www.betterthantv.com and featured "Bin Laden in a Blender" and other mindless shit, just like there is here. The reason I keep coming back is for the good stuff. See my favorites list for what I mean.
Well, you got a 10 so don't bitch. Just take my advice and don't stop testing that caffeine until you have something that can compare to the other entries.

whazzat responds:

Ok... let me get this straight. 1) you leave a sucky review on my other submitted movie insinuating that I am a gay man who likes tellytubbies. 2) I respond brilliantly by interpreting your most frequent wet dreams of being raped by dogs. 3) MONTHS LATER you can't handle getting your ass kicked in my review response so you write me a novel here on my only other submission, hoping against hope that you'll get the last word. Allow me to dash those hopes.
Yes, I've blammed movies. I blam ones that have no redeeming value at all, that look as though they took 3 minutes to throw together. You see, I can TELL which ones look like the 3 minute flashes, because I, unlike you, have worked within Flash and know how time consuming it is. This movie and my other movie you reviewed took me slightly longer to just magically fart out of my "40-year-old-male-homosexual" ass. As I've said, I am still working on my skills, and that's why I've submitted nothing else as yet, because on my next submission I'll have devoted months (off and on) to the finished product. I realize that taste is a matter of subjective interpretation and you're entitled to have any opinion you wish. But, likewise, I'm entitled to respond.
So, "Inspector Frinkling," when you bothered to look at my profile and see that yes, I have amassed a few blam points, did you bother looking at the reviews I've left? Most are encouraging, complimentary, and some even offer some advice to help the Flash author improve. Yours, however, can be directly compared to the quality of your mother's queefs immediately following the hysterectomy she insisted on going through after taking a look at the product of the 12 hours of grunting, screeching labor that brought you forth into this unfortunate world.
In other words, you and your "10" can go blow a rabid goat. "The Orifice Origin" is hereby and will forever more be dedicated to you, Inspector Frinkling, my favorite obsessive fan!

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2002
2:29 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place July 29, 2002