Every War in History Ever

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From World War 2 to cavemen, this is how all of them started.

First of a series of many shorts.

EDIT: Oh crap, this version is imcomplete. And I deleted the original file. :C

Here's the YouTube version for complete lip sync: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=tv9et_UM8Ko

EDIT 12/22/11: Whoa, front page! Thanks everybody! :D

EDIT 12/23/11: Before any of you decide to give it a bad review because "the message is incorrect" or "the animation sucks", the idea of war is one's own interpretation, and the animation isn't supposed to be spectacular. Then again, I'm getting into a war myself with these reviewers, because I have a different opinion. Just proving a point.

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What stupid simplification. The creator should be embarrassed but people like that can't feel shame, it diminishes the frail structure that is their self-worth. I give you half a star because you proved that my opinion is better, thanks.

StaticBunny responds:

thx for watching my old cartoon <3

You are not quite correct, some wars were because of women (for example Troy), and some were because the attacker country wanted more land (ww 2)

StaticBunny responds:

It was their opinion that those things were worth fighting over. The opposing side disagreed.

oh lol. This proves my opinion is better. me. YEA. punches little kid" my opinion is better!

This is what I think.

You are 80% correct.
The difference is, if wars were EXACTLY like this, they would be a lot more fair.
In my head, those two guys represented two countries' presidents.
If, in real life, two presidents decided that the best way to solve their differences was in a one-on-one fight to the death, there would be no problem. You have a strong opinion you think is worth killing over, then you risk your own life, right?
But in real wars, presidents (or whoever's in charge of running a country) sit comfortably in their offices and ask thousands of innocents to risk THEIR lives,
and hundreds of millions of people die for something that isn't their fault and they didn't agree on.
And then they go like "oh, that was a real hero, who died for our country". BULLSHIT, no one dies for their country, they die because a fucking dipshit decided their life was worthless.


Wait What !?

I'm a little confused about that last edit, so you're getting frustrated over bad reviews where the reviewer
A.Disputes the content of the animation
B.Disavows to the quality of said animation
So basically, don't judge a flash by it's cover, or it's meaning ?

The joke is kinda funny, and it's not a bad point, but neither is it original, witty, well done, or anything else really of merit, the main reason you get stars is because I feel you're kinda right in a way about your message, kindasorta...

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Dec 16, 2011
3:56 PM EST
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