Beneath The Sheets 2

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You'd really have to watch almost all of my movies to understand any of this so I'm expecting lower scores. :P

Watch the first one here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/451966

Background: Corey was murdered by a group of girl scouts who were selling cookies to earn money to go on a trip. Sadly Corey didn't want to buy any cookies and it proved to be a tragic mistake on his part. He spirit now haunts his house. His family was forced to leave because of the fear that they had of his angry spirit. Nick, an investigator, has been given the opportunity to investigate the house for the hope of finding any reason why Corey's spirit is still attached to the house. Beware. The things you are about to see are very disturbing. And shit.

Now the investigator that dared enter his house will be followed by this evil. Will he survive or will he die running into a field of kids shooting a star wars parody?

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Not bad. There should be more KKK punching in the future. I also agree with the Haggard on the tripod thing. Subtitles were a nice touch. All and all pretty good :)

Fro responds:

Woah bud, you didn't have to give me a good review based off of what we talked about before. If you really think this was good then I appreciate it. Especially since this was made four or five years ago.

Nice movie

I think I saw the movie, or at least parts of it before. But the added subtitles are new. And I must say, I like the subtitles a lot! They help me to understand the dialogue (or "monologue") much better now. Also, the subtitles are easy to read, due to the darkened background.

The acting is quite funny, and I really liked the scene with where Nick punches the KKK member, asking for a donation.

I also liked the reference to Hay Wars.

Only thing I can suggest to improve is: A tripod. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seemed that in the last scene where - Nick runs off into the woods - the camera wasn't on a tripod and as a result the picture wasn't too steady. In my opinion, the scene would've been better if the picture wasn't so "shakey".

Anyway, overall it's still a nice movie.

{ Review Request Club }

Fro responds:

Thanks for the review Haggard! I can't remember if that camera was held by a tripod or not. I think it would have to be because the camera that we used then wouldn't stand on it's own. I just don't think we thought it through because when he jumped it shook the deck.

I'm happy someone watched it who has watched all my other movies so they actually understood some of the jokes. :P

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2.25 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2011
12:17 PM EST
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