Sean and Such Ep. 10

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Episode ten of Sean and Such. Now that the Health Inspector has arrived, Sean is trying to clean up the disastrous mess that his store is in. When Sean's fish specialist, Ethan, comes in the shops condition soon goes from bad to terrible.

Thank you for the daily 2nd! It's appreciated. Most of you don't know this but this entire episode (excluding the audio recording) was done in 10 days as a promo kind of thing. Normally it takes about a month to make an episode but we worked very hard to get this done and JUST made it. There are only 2 of us. You can read all about the progress we made, the issues we ran into and what we had for dinner by going to the BLOG section of our website. Thanks again guys.


It's nice to see a new character added into the mix. He's just as funny as the others. Very impressive especially since you rushed the production on this one. If you gots a problem with this here video I will push you down a flight of stairs god dammit! I will hit you with a 4x4 upside the dick! I WILL do it.... don't test me!

Unfortunately this was just like most of the episodes in this series. Poorly animated and a very long drawn out script that doesn't seem to lead anywhere. The entire flash took place in one location. You seemed to be build up some plot surrounding the health inspector but then didn't pursue it. Truly disappointing.

I was disappointed to see that you got rid of the preloader and play button. I felt like you'd taken a small step in the right direction when you decided to include both of this. The standard replay button was still needed as well. Once again the pillars look out of place in the intro due to them being the only part of the image with any depth. An apostrophe was also missing from the title yet again.

You still decided to stick with having everything shot straight on, not including any diagonals which would have added some much needed depth to the image. It seemed to be particularly bad this time as the entire flash took place in the one location and apart from the shot from the tank looking out it was always from the same angle.

More animation was still crucial. For the most part this flash was just people stood around talking with very little going on. What little animation you did have was weak. Ethan's leg movements did not look at all natural. You needed to redraw these instead of simply tweening them about as legs bend. The fish in the background just hovered in one spot rather than moving about the tank. As these were only in the background they didn't need to be animated particularly strongly, so it was a real shame that you didn't put no effort in to them at all. The ones in the tank when the boy looked at them could have been animated better as well. The fins moved a little and they were tweened across the tank. I think that some body movements in addition to the fins would have been an improvement. Looking at fish and how they move, then trying to replicate in flash might have been a good idea towards you nailing this.

Most of the sound was fine, but Ethan seemed too quiet prior to freaking out. I realise a quiet voice was part of his personality, but I felt that he could have been a bit louder without compromising this. His voice level seemed fine later on. I can't be sure if I'd adjusted to how quiet he was or if he was actually speaking louder.

whoa, man

Me and Drifter7741 have been noticing sooooo many similarities with this show and our lives... My name is ethan, i wear a ponytail, i talk sorta stoned, and those conversations sound like the sorta thing that Drifter (whose name is sean) and i talk about... coincidence? oh, most absolutely.
love this series, hilarious dialogue, excellent animation and just... awesome.

It was OK

It was okay, kinda funny, but it could have used a little more movement.
I dont mean like running around or moving the camera from side to side. I meant hand and body movement. You know when people talk, they usually try to emphasize what they say using body expressions and such.

Also, maybe if you cut like half a second or a full second in between dialogs the animation would feel a little bit more alive.

Nevertheless I liked it. Very original. (Didn't see the can coming XD)


poor animation, color scheme is hard to look at. Deep blue doesn't really work with anything. I cant really enjoy anything that looks this bad.

SeanAndSuch responds:

Wow. That's pretty harsh man.
The color scheme works well I think but to each his own.
You're the first person to ever comment on the color scheme so you get points for originality.

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Dec 11, 2011
4:59 PM EST
Comedy - Original