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Lolcats Reloaded: Ep. 1

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Author Comments

If you don't like the subtitles (loltitles), hover your mouse over them and you'll see a toggle subtitles button to turn them on or off.

Well, never thought this day would come. It's bittersweet as my original plan was to complete the series, then release them sequentially every other week or so to keep up the buzz. I completed this one 95% about 2-3 years ago and just recently added in the intro sequence to the building music. I got episode 2 95% done as well when I sorta got too busy and it all got shelved in lieu of real unemployment (your insurance is going to run out), and marriage (you can kiss *all* free time goodbye for a year).

Only this and episode 2 exist for release. It was supposed to be about 4 episodes minimum and it was going to be ridiculously mind-blowing (and hopefully would have gotten me noticed for an actual tv series - yeah right).

Why not finish it? I need probably 3 years working 40+ hours a week on it to do it the justice I had envisioned and that's just not possible at all.

You should be aware, as none of this is drawn, that all the emotion comes not from facial gestures (as the cat photos don't change), but from context and eye movements. Anywho, enjoy.

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the only part I was offended by was the handycapped person one when he said retard, am autistic too its like saying n*gger but instead with autstic people. but its still funny, good work.

jiggitysmith responds:

Sorry man. At least after sensitivity training, we haven't slipped up once since.

i wish that they continued the series

jiggitysmith responds:

Lol me too.

TV show now.

This needs to be a TV show.

On any channel whatsover.


a really well-done animation, a great cartoon, and i loved the whole expressions, and the swift movements of the characters, but i have to ask:
is this a story that looks like the matrix? is it something that occurs in a time long after the lolcats series has ended?
because it seems to be happening in a different realm than the one of the original ''lolcats'', and it's a bit confusing.

tho, it's good, dont let my confusion fool you, it's great, and if you can make more like this, i will be pleased (as well as 100000 people in here, too)
tho, i think it would be nice to give us a haeds-up on the story,a nd what is going on, more or less.
is this ''evil cat'' (i dont know his name, so im gonna just call him ''hell-cat'') the ruler os the bad guyhs in the lolcat world?
and why did he captured the classy happy-cat? what's his plan?
will he kidnap all the lolcats in the universe, including the ordinary-cat, like orion?
hmmm.... this eems interesting, tho.
i can suggest more ''lolcats'' if you desire, so that you can add more to the storyline.

anyway, you got a tv-deal? great! i hope that you will get your sereies on tv,i really do, because it's really funny, man!

also: i liked the opening scene, the dancing on neon lights, totally reminded me of teh matrix, the title helped too, i won't lie, also the scene where the milk was raining in the club, reminded me of the ''blade'' vampire movie, which had a similar scene.

so, all in all, it was good, great animation, good story(even if vague for now) and fun dialogue.
keep it up, and keep us updated.

jiggitysmith responds:

Basically I made this in my spare time while unemployed. The story is more of a modernized stylistic gritty reboot of the original, so no, it doesn't happen on a different timeline or anything of that sort. I never got a tv deal, though I would have hoped for one if I had completed this story like I had intended.

It's been so long that I've thought of this series, I'll try my best to summarize some of my intentions as I can barely remember. Endcat set up the altercation with the lolrus and cookie cat in order to steal the bucket, which contained the (captain planet) rings to summon al gore (the architect). He swapped out happycat with the doppleganger to get the staff of ether maybe, I forget (plus 'evil happy cat' is just a funny concept to me)

The basic formula to this story was that longcat was the power of good, channeled through ceiling cat, tacgnol was the power of evil, channeled through endcat, and orion was the balancing power of neutrality (hence why he's so boring, regular, and doesn't seem to sway in either direction unless the balance of power is disrupted). It goes back further, though, as orion was/is just beta testing by al gore and the internet was rebooted several times after several catnaroks (good and evil just fought with each other, too much good was boring - think of a story with no conflicts, too much evil was, evil).

The underlying message was going to show just how neutrality was necessary for the internet as a regulator. Endcat and ceiling cat were aware of these reboots, however, and it drove him mad, so endcat needed the staff of ether and the rings of power in order to drop the 'fire wall' (also a legitimate ring of fire around catopia) to get out of catopia / leave it exposed and go into the real world, then he could avoid the reboots.

The cookie cat / pedro sidestory is that cookie cat could see into the future (to the point where he would constantly rub his shoulder to see if what he was seeing was actually real) and was commissioned by the king to help figure out what endcat was doing. In the end, endcat does make it out and takes over google, ending the series with the company motto written as 'be evil,' then he thinks, "oh yeah, lie" or something and writes "don't" in front of the motto. The other effect that happens is that, because the firewall is down, the lolcats get released into the full-blown internet and people (Besides al gore) discover them for the first time, hence why we have them in the first place.

I have a notebook with most of it written out somewhere, but a lot of it wasn't formulated around the time I realized there was no way I was ever going to finish this. I was too big of a perfectionist at this stage in my animating and I wanted to make the whole thing as polished as what you see here and I really don't have time to ever finish the series, considering how little interest there was in the reboot (and having a wife and house that requires me to play handyman).

I hope to one day return to animating when I have more time, but I doubt if I'll ever return to the cats. As you can see, it would have eventually made sense in episodes 3+, but I went all quentin tarrintino on the editing and what I could get done before working again doesn't make sense on the surface. Hope you enjoyed what I made, I'm pretty darn proud of the stylistic animating I churned out, but I basically got to the point where learning to draw to convey the visions in my head wound up being the easier-to-attain route.

Hello Thar, I luv teh Kittehs, and cant wait to see moar. I can Haz Maor, and Cheezeburger? Seriously. I watched your history of Lolcats years ago, and favored them. Cause those brought a smile to my face in this Dreary world. People like you need to be on a pedastal.

jiggitysmith responds:

Thanks for your kind words. I wish I could make more, but I haven't won the lottery yet and don't have nearly enough time. If the reboot had one word to summarize it, it would be 'over-ambitious.'