TPC Legacy

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Everything can be found inside the 'About' button, check there for info.

Other then the main points id like to say that ive had this animation for some time now and didn't know where to go with it, i hope ive made the right choice and hope to progress this animation alot further :) enjoy.

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Interesting Concept....

TPC Legacy is an interesting concept: the author wishes to solicit feedback and suggestions on where the actual episodes go. It's a stick figure setup and also a drama set in a mountainside. It might be a stream-of-consciousness thing that multiple people can participate in. All you do is provide feedback to the author.

On that note, here's what I thought up:

Since the strange creature appears to be dead after that earthquake, one can assume the red swirls surrounding the mountainside reflect something either internal or external. The figure has discovered that the creature is dead and the mountains are different. When he runs through, he discovers that a lot of life is pretty much dead and he cannot explain this. However, he discovers one spot where there is still life: a simple pool, inside the pool are countless fish. Hungry, he fetches one, but when he plucks it from the water, he encounters a water nixie, a naiad who is also holding onto the fish. In a moment of desperation, he cowers before her, but then she has a moment of compassion as he is groveling, desperate for food. She asks what has happened to the land she once knew, while she's upon the surface. Feeling as though he is not a true threat, she allows him fish so long as he investigates the cause of the world's rot. Her sister, a dryad, is someone he should speak to. (End it there and let someone else decide what he discovers from the Dryad from another episode).

Anyway, I would incorporate dialog box programming or voice-over work, with subtle improvements to the design with each episode, and limit the first project to five to ten brief episodes. Keep at it. Maybe this won't be such a bad idea after all.

Needs work, but it's an interesting concept.

You came up with a good idea, but you might consider putting in background music in the actual animation. Also, you may want to explain where "Rocky" came from. Maybe this is another planet with rock-like aliens, which has suffered from a meteorite colliding into it? Perhaps you could continue with the protagonist searching for a way to revive this dying world. I'm sorry about the bad score, but this movie didn't really capture my attention. More depth would improve this flash.

Signing off,


the main thing...

you need many major clarifications. who is this guy, who and what is Rocky, and what happened after the asteroid hit the surface? if these can be explained in the next installment that would be nice.

Rythmetic responds:

The point of this animation is too leave many blank canvas's for the audience to consider when giving me feedback however your criticism is noted, thank you :)

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Dec 4, 2011
10:36 PM EST