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BHawk's Minecraft Story

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Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while.

But this little animation earned a DailyDeviation on DA - http://scifer.deviantart.
com/gallery/#/d4cc39k , so I wanted to see what NG made of it. :3

Any seasoned Minecraft player will know what this is like. Dig miles and miles underground, find your first diamond vein ... and somehow, the game's efforts to kill you step themselves up a notch! O_O

Anyway, hope you enjoy this little bit of silliness.

The music is the Radetzky March by Strauss
Minecraft belongs to Mojang
Animation belongs to me.

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epic!!!!!!1!!!!! :D btw i feel bad 4 BHawk :(

It's a good thing I always play on peaceful when mining. Also, the Hawk could've dug around the Creepers but overall, this animation was AWESOME.

diamonds are dengerus

Man,this happens to me,but the server that i play (craftlandia[it's a brazilian server]) have commands like /sethome (to set home) /home (to teleport to your home)and /listhomes (to see your homes,duuh),so then,you put everything in the chest, and that's why i put only pickaxes in my inventory and the rest on the chest :).And you can't mine diamond with a stone pickaxe :P (i am a brazilian that uses google translator to see if it's correct the words U_U)

bloodhawk: ahh! its the creeper army! 'trys to dig but finds lava' crap!
'throws every thing' 'throws diamond' crap!!! 'expoldes form creeper army