Mushroom King

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This animation was created while I was trying to get the word out about Gnomon Master Class 2011. It started out simple then kind of snowballed into an intense 5 day no sleep production.

Many thanks to Adam, Whitney and Khaye for working with a short deadline to record the voices. Big thanks to Jessie for illustrating the ogre you see at the tittle page and again in the animation.

Hope you all enjoy it.

To find out more about Gnomon Master Class you can read about it here:


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Im not sure what i just watched.
But i enjoyed it.
Good Job.

lol funny

nice id love to see more. great music/techno tracks!

neeko responds:

Thanks! A number of ones in the works. Glad you liked it.


pretty epic shit. i lold throughout the whole thing.

neeko responds:

Dude, your music is epic. Thanks for providing a soundtrack. I seriously couldn't get Epic Sax Remix out of my head. Keep up the great work.

Solid and Fresh

I like the story, the characters, the jokes, and the quality of voice acting in it. But there is an obvious lack of quality animation, but you'll get there. Hope you do well in your contest.

neeko responds:


You're getting there..

I agree with KindDavid about some stuff, but I'll just include it in my review.

Good points:

- Your story wasn't bad, and I think you pulled it off well. The progression was swift and flowed well; I didn't get bored and annoyed like I do with some other animations.

- I liked your music choices for this, and I think I just favorited both of those songs. Thanks for utilizing the audio portal! Definitely helps the music artist get exposure, too!

- I really enjoyed your voices; they were believable for who they were portraying, they were crisp and clear, not annoying by any means, and I can tell whoever helped you with supplying the voices was very comfortable with you (which is always helpful!)

- I liked how you did your subtitles - easy to read on that black bar, and it seemed like you spelled everything correctly and had good grammar (a lot of people forgo both of these things, so it's refreshing to see someone not making a ton of spelling errors).


-Like KindDavid said, your character design could use some work. It's definitely not terrible or anything, but more could have been added to make them less 'generic'.

-Your animating is pretty choppy in most places - not terribly choppy -but still very noticeable. I'm sure you'll improve with each animation you make though, so I'm not too bothered by this. Your concept also didn't call for too extensive animation (no action scenes and whatnot), so that kind of helped you get around that.

- The lip syncing was pretty awkward at times, but still much better than other stuff I see. I would use more inbetweens in your lip syncing and just get more practice in general. I'm sure you'll get much better with this over time, too!


I enjoyed your concept, and you did very good for your time constraints, hence why I am giving you an 8. Your voice actors were good choices; perhaps you will use them again in more animations. Your art shows promise, as does your animation, and I'm sure you'll get better at these things with more practice. I hope you make more, because you show a lot of potential!

neeko responds:

Thanks for the words of encouragement. Trust me when I re watched it for the millionth time during making it I wanted fix a bunch of things but time was pretty short.

The funny thing about the lip sync is I was using a book that had a " how to section". Then as I was working saw it was missing specific letters. You can imagine how fun that was.

Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2011
10:36 AM EST
Comedy - Original