Madness Combat 7.5

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The continued story of what Sanford and Deimos were up to... I hope you like it.


First thing on my mind!!!

This is just like Army of 2 vs Yakuza!!! XD


wow this is so EPIC!!!!! i've been waiting for this for such a long time

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Framerate drop, engage.

Awsome beyond words...as always

The Madness just keeps getting better!

'Was Expecting The Haters...

How are we to judge this flash? As by itself or as compared to the series as a whole?

Let's start with looking at the episode by itself.

The background is phenomenal. If anything, I think you worked the hardest on improving this and making the entire setting complete. You include shadowy differences between the light and the dark and how the lights of the room play on the walls. You've included your standard plethora of Easter Eggs---To anyone who reads this that hasn't already done so already, Krinkels is known for including whole sentences of small, but legible and real text which can be viewed by pausing the animation and right clicking by zooming.

There is the whole thing where people will randomly credit others and put in blatantly obvious tags of Newgrounds, particular known faces, etcetera, but you (Krinkels) go onto actually making the whole Madness world real with actual messages to-and-from the bad guys to each other and the communication between the good guys to each other---while keeping it vague and mysterious. Your work as a detailist has always been admirable, and your different experiments with style, while sometimes subtle, have always been fun to observe.

The reason that some of the non-fanboys may not like this flash may actually be in part for Cheshyre's contribution with his music. Cheshyre is known for inputting epic music that makes the whole animation... whole. Yet this time it was more generic, as given the whole premises of this was the destruction/prevention of the yellow-goggled baddies from meeting with frank and being upgraded, and the violence was more of a side-thing compared to the actual progression to where it had to be noted that while all of this was occurring, in Madness 7, Hank died.

That said, yes, the violence wasn't as exciting... but I'll put my take on it in the next section.

Now, let's look in comparison with other episodes.

Why was the music more generic than usual?

Why were Sanford and Deimos just breezing through?

Seriously. After Madness 5.5 and 6.5, it's getting plainly obvious that Sanford and Deimos, like Hank (but not completely comparable to) are consistently getting better, just as Hank has in the progression in the series... just as the otherwise unintelligible baddies/agents have had to have upgrades FORCIBLY induced on them. The main difference between Hank, Sanford, and Deimos compared to a majority of the villains in the series (excluding Jesus & Tricky) is the amount of combat experience you see them constantly gaining... and surviving through.

The grunts of the series die off way too early before they're able to accumulate any such level of badassery. Hence, without the upgrades as legibly noted in the IM-scene of this episode, the grunts here were just wiped with little to no effort. In this way, I think the music can be justified---Nothing epic truly happened here, Sanford and Deimos were just taking care of another job, that would ultimately make Hank's (whatever his end goal was at this time) easier. Therefore, the music, while lacking in epicness, was appropriate, and I applaud Cheshyre for his take here and for Krinkels' judgement on the matter.

The Spear Door Function: I LOVE how you went onto "introducing" this here, and it made the "Spear Door" scene in MC10 make so much more sense. In MC7.5, with the spears up, Deimos had to hack through in order to get it to forcibly lower down on his end. Then he would have to go to the mid section between the "doors" and Sanford would have to stay behind, lest they become stuck. Then, Sanford had to pull up the door on his end---reintroducing the need to lock it---except with the doors down on Deimos' end, the security was down, allowing them to progress. In MC10, Sanford and Frank were faced with a similar problem, hence how/why Sanford isolated Frank, knowing of the door function---but with the lack of door levers, Sanford would have to progess onward alone. Hank's strength negated this.

There are a variety of unanswered questions... but that's all the character count I have time to cover. Danke!

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