Reviews for "Madness Combat 7.5"

I definitely like. (:

This was pretty cool. (: It was a little sort, but it was still a good piece of that classic Krinkels actiion. You're getting tons better on the backgrounds. These ones looked awesome. Great job. I like. (:

simply wicked

If i hit the lotto, i'm paying you to do this, cuz you simply can't make this kinda quality at a fast enough pace, till then; keep it up, it's still the shit

The origins of Auditor.

When will you make that one? We all want to know why hes on fire...We all want to know the true story behind why this all happened...And who caused it?


I love the way you showed the agents do something else than their actual jobs of killing.

Excellent animation and music as always.

The only problem I have is that this seems shorter than your other madness flashes. However, who am I to judge how long you make them?

Fantastic as always.

I hope this series will never end and I think that this episode was a little on the short side IMO. The action is still hot as hell thought