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Reviews for "Madness Combat 7.5"

They keep getting better and better.

The music is great and the animation is excellent. Keep up the fantastic work!

i said ´´not bad`` when the animation ended

first of all, the fights are the most enjoable thing on your movies, the new guns are awesome, i loved the new enemies, and the reason of why they have yellow blood, they are a kind of biological weapon, raised in laboratory or something... hope to see more.


im a big fan or teh series :D although I kinda wish u'd go back to a more funny and cartoony feel instead of the dark serious feel.

like what Pirates of the caribbean did. they got all serious in the third and then lightened it up with the 4th


that was really cool!
I think it's about time that someone made another madness game. If they do make sure you add the hook ;)

mayhem !!!!!!!!!