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Super Happy Fun Time 32

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Our hero fights a brutal battle when a great adversary threatens his superiority.

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a grand voyage, by insulin pump-clo-i mean guy! and his mates, on a trip to grandness, and success! and grandeur!

anyway, i hope he will find the treasure he was seeking(back in the OLD super-happy-fun-time, if you remember, done by sherclock...)
what was the treasure? diabeetus? or the cure for the diabeetus?
i sure wish so!

anyway, really, i loved it, and the voice-acting is funny.
i hope i will voice-act for you.
will you ask me?

anyway, keep it, UP!
loved the pirate-story, style, and stuff, ANND...
i also would love to see more about insulin pump jr., because he's a nice guy. and a good boy. i remember him since he was THAT high.
they grow so fast! kid needs his fame!

also, errr do more, and i will vote five, so he can go to colege.

united.with insulin pump

voted 5....

InsulinpumpClock responds:

I love the Insulin pump jr character ever since he showed up in Roman collar's ajudication movie. Thanks for your generosity. Maybe he'll go to Harvard now.

I was making the movie a while ago explaining what the treasure is but I came up with a lot of fun ideas and it got out of control so I want to save it for later. I told Sherclock that would be cool if it was episode 50. I don't think we should get to that number alone though.


It's always good to see another SHFT. Well done! I especially liked the part where InsulinpumpClock speaks with Captain Jack Sparrow about diabetes, and the part with internet ads to help insulinpump jr. People may not understand the cold hand of corporate internet advertising, but it is a necessary evil to keep SHFT running, and Wade Fulp.

InsulinpumpClock responds:

Either way it doesn't work. I read that an administrator is suppose to approve it before ads show up but it's been a day. Maybe I did it wrong. That would be awesome if it played a liberty medical commercial with Wilford brimley in it. Where have you been? You should change your news post. Draw bb10 clok. maek movies.

I don't get it.

Why were there 31 others?

Great Flash

Love this flash, because the voice acting was great & was funny;however it was too short. =/

InsulinpumpClock responds:

:D That's ok. There's 31 others! THE END!!!!


Lol there's a hidden easter egg at the end if you click on the red X. (Also I have diabetes too)

InsulinpumpClock responds:

Hey! Hopefully you haven't had it as long as I have. It's a small internet isn't it? Seriously. Thanks a lot for reviewing.

EDIT ---- Wait a minute you have a pump? This series is one colossal in joke and growing. Even I don't get some of these! Please stick around! I just made one that has some really specific gags that you may appreciate. I hope you can watch some older ones. There mostly very short. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.