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Adventure to Lionheart P2

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Woohoo! Part 2! Vexus, our hero. Must travel to the Lionheart Castle to help his friend! He also meets some new friends in his journey.


This is so bad-ass!

I have nothing much to say besides THAT this is just so FUCKING HARDCORE!

P.S.= Sorry speedzx, I disagree with you!

this is so bad -_-

i have nothing much to say besides that this is just really fucking bad

Font Choices, People, Font Choices.

Don't. Use. Times New Roman. In. Creative projects. Like, ever.

Also, I'd suggest leaving the text on the screen and having a button the viewer can use to proceed when they're done reading. Otherwise, it's often too long or too short a time that it's up, depending on the person.

Tis ok.

Here's a tip on how to increase the sprite's quality.. In the library, goto a bitmap (So one of the character sprites), then right click "properties", then check the box that says apply smoothing (however you want the settings to be (Also make sure the "Lossless PNG" rather than JPEG))

After doing that, highlight the entire library. Once highlighted, goto the top, click "Edit" then hit "Repeat Bitmap Properties" And it should apply those bitmap settings to that one sprite you just adjusted, to every the sprite you highlighted in your library.

It'll make the quality much higher.

Now, other than quality, it was ok. Some parts were actually animated decently well, you got potential. Just work on the grammar/spelling and try making the text more visible (cause it was hard to see at times).

Goodluck with future episodes~


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3.30 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2011
3:56 PM EST