Jackass (The Game)

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(Important Notice)
By accident the game was published with a stop action-script command at the begining. Once the game finishes loading RIGHT-CLICK and choose PLAY and the game will start.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

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it's not loading man

it wont even load!!! id rather be watching the movie right now!!! (id have no problem though cuz its 1 of the best movies EVAAAAA!!!!)

i gave it a onw 1

this makes poop look good

There are alot of problems.

The first problem is the (lack of) loading. I find myself having to right-click and press "play" on the corrosponding menu. This if a major flaw considering that you can't play the game at all! But, would you want to play? There are too many flaws, so, I can't say I would want to play again. All these flaws I speak of make a not-so-great game much worse. Here are the minor problems, which would be major problems if you could start the game: Characters looks nothing like they should, the music stops after a short time (the Jackass theme), the paintball game has no stratagey-it's just "Click, click, click!", the music that plays in the slingshot game is annoy as all hell, the skull sometimes is hard to click because you can't click on empty space (like the eyes) and what's up with the slingshot game having no leeway what-so-ever? Okay, now I'll focous on the good stuff. I like the "disclaimer" and the overall Jackass style. All the stunts seem like stuff Knoxville and Pontious would try. I really did like the music in the paintball game. The variatey of outcomes in the slingshot game are very high-I found it very humorous. The games are fun, but why can't I play them once more after finishing them? Also, in the bonous game, you can cheat by holding the space bar. Why is this "version 1"? It should be "version 0.5", or somthing like that. Well, It's a short game, so that pretty much covers it. I had some fun watching Chris swim away from gators, but the rest of the game is rather bland. I guess that just about wraps it up, so that's my review. I had fun.

it wouldn't load for me

it wouldn't lload up

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2.57 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2002
7:58 AM EDT
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