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Force Field

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This has to be my greatest flash, and thank you to everyone whos helped me with this! Long live the king of the portal! ClockCrew4LifeYo.

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great movie!

well, the video was GREAT, the music, not so much, but the story/plot was quite original.
what the plot is about, tho?
i liked the battle-scene with SBC, and ki1o, thdrkside, and steak clock, along with carrot, and tree(liked how sbc ''chopped'' him, lol) though, what i liked the most, was:

liked this alot, And, i hope you do alot more....
good job.

StonesOfAnarchy responds:

thanks bb10
Basicly, SBC is running clocktopia, praising B, when the anti-clocks steal the portal to resurrect ThDrkSide (the portal required sacrifices) SBC goes to defend the city when he is captured in prison.He escapes and goes to eliminate the major anti-clocks etc, fight with carrot, steb steb steb , bout to be consumed, boom
thanks :D

Needs more work.

I'm sorry to say that this animation is definitely not my favorite. The animation could use a lot of work and as for some kind of story I'm clueless on what's going on. In my honest opinion it feels like you rushed this just to have something to upload. This is only my opinion though. I gave you a four because you were able to make a lengthy video, even if it was a bit choppy and I know it still took a lot of effort.


great work :)

nice job and the music was great XD

A good clock flash O.O

im confused

Neato burrito

I particularly liked how thdrkness was portrayed