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Not bad, but...

Ok, this wasn't a bad flash. The artwork was a little spotty, and could use some work. The voices weren't too bad, though.
The real problem I have is that the humor was uneven. I laughed a few times, but just as often found myself rolling my eyes at the jokes. There's a fine line between comedy and cheese, and it was crossed way too often here.
Here's my comedic two cents. Most flash animations on this site aren't really long: 3-5 minutes on average. Instead of trying to cram a lot of jokes into the limited time, work on developing just a few good ones, say four or five. The result will be much more developed comedy instead of comedy that bounces all over the place.

MigitMadness responds:

Thanks for the review JustH.

We're working on the animation, the difference between this video and our last and this video and our next should be pretty noticeable. We understand what you mean about the humor, you phrased it perfectly. We were not able to pinpoint why it seemed so rushed, only that is was indeed rushed. Some of the things we have planned are a little longer with a bit more story to them. Hopefully you check us out in the future and we've managed to use your advice.

Very stupid.

The animation is pretty horrible but it's not too bad.

The humor seems very immature and unfunny only a 11 or 12 year old would find this funny because of the curse words.

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2.90 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2011
9:25 PM EST
Comedy - Original