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Cat Dust

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The last in my cat shorts for a while, I'll be updating Swingers mostly. This was inspired by the lengths my cats would go to chase a laser pointer. It was originally just going be my cat angel (the big white one) but the concept grew. by the bye the character main's a girl everyone, I understand the confusion though.

DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR PETS.... I hate that I have to say it but you cannot apply cartoon logic to the real world.

youtube version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru6GS_BizYs

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DAMN this is pure genius. XD

Now... where are my cats? I need to do some house cleaning.

Purrrfect way to get jobs done. With cats. :)

Ok that is the best way to get you chores done.
Btw I knew Kitties were awesome pets >w<

Very lazy but silly to see how far the cats will go.

u gots a problen with youtube it sez u violated some thing or anouther
so ur youtube has ben suspended

from blackdog1232
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