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ll/ll/ll: Lithium Sisters

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Author Comments

Well then, Happy 11/11/11, the second to last "three of a kind" date. Gotta admit as well, never thought that the final product would look like this. I've toyed with many 11/11/11 idea, from rock stars "cranking it to eleven, to an action flick about "The Eleventh Hour".

Luma Lithium recounts an old story called "The Last Binary", what is it?

Technically a work in progress and I wanna release this on this date (at least it still is 11/11/11 in my time zone.), so the next one is going to be a director's cut of sorts.

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The artwork is decent, but needs work

The music gets old fast and the words dont fit in the bubbles at all. I love how the answering machine says audio only yet there is no audio for us to hear. The lack of voices really just makes this dull for me. The story though was pretty good.

omegafinal responds:

If it'll make you feel better, the majority of the voices are already dubbed, but some are not due to real life, so they have to be taken out altogether in this release. The bubbles are something I decided to design in that fashion, because let's say someone is walking across the screen, I can just rotate bubble instead of moving it (you DON'T want to see a moving text box) and it'll still look "natural".