Veterans Day Blowout Sale

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Thanks for watching! I submitted another cartoon nearly identical to this one - Remembrance Day Sale - since that's what we call Veterans Day up here. I did it so we can all enjoy it! Watch whichever one is relevant to your geography!

I submitted this cartoon two years ago under the name of Remembrance Day Sale, and wasn't happy with the artwork or pacing of it, and decided to give it a makeover. Now it has better graphics, a better flow, better narration, everything!

I figure that it isn't long before stores begin cranking out commercials like this, considering it's one of the last holidays to have gimmicky mascots and catchphrases that wind up exploiting and raping the day into the ground. The entire idea came to me after I found a Remembrance Day Sale flyer from Sears on my kitchen table. Having no idea how it got there, I smashed the ground with my fists, and the cats flailed in an ecstasy of fear/pain as they Tokyo Drifted around my hardwood floor.

Again, thanks for watching!


Shop at Hotz Electronics!

It's good to see that in these days of capitalist entitlement and instant gratification, there's a company out there unafraid to get real results and solve problems.
Way to rid our country of such undesirable high prices that have plagued our honest, hardworking population for far too long!

BillyNapalm responds:

Round 'em up, gas 'em up, save, save, SAVE!

Has good and bad points

I like the overall voice acting and the part Hitler 'blew away' the hgih prices, they were very well done.

But I dunno.... it's not that I personally find this theme offensive....it's that I feel millions of Jews died in concentration camps and indeed it can be said if it wasn't them it could have been any one of our ancestors in those camps, so I feel in a way they died for us.

This flash has humour, I applaud that. But really...I dunno.... to laugh at the horrific fate of millions of people is just not easy for me... I think if we forget the Holocaust and laugh at it history might repeat itself over...

Great flash otherwise though!

BillyNapalm responds:

I think it's best to remember what happened, honour the fallen, and respect them by saving HUGE ON A DISHWASHER AND HAIR DRYER COMBO


That was brilliant, at first I was like meh, but then I wtfd hard and fell of my chair laughing. Funny, yeah, wrong, definitely, but that's life. Not gonna lie though, your answers to some of the reviews made me laugh to. Well played sir.

BillyNapalm responds:

Whenever I get out of my chair too quick, it startles my cats and they Tokyo Drift around on the hardwood floor. I hope you falling out of your chair didn't produce similar results.

I take offense from those taking offense

With such infertile senses of humor, what are they doing on NewGrounds, of all places? I laughed so hard at this. The Holocaust was an awful time, but funny, is funny. The joke was played off super well.

Your answers to these comments had me losing it also. Thank you.

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BillyNapalm responds:

No, thank YOU! If you can't laugh at poop or Hitler anymore, then you shouldn't be laughing at anything.


first i thought "yeah, a hell'lot of fun!2, but when it turned out that most of the vid was showing a concentration camp, my smiled and laugh turned into a big WTF?!!?!

not cool

scheisse! nein!

BillyNapalm responds:

I don't know what part of a concentration camp would be cool, but I'll try harder the next time to make them more funky and hip.

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Nov 10, 2011
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