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Candle Cove Preview

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Author Comments

A little preview for the upcoming show I am working on, "Candle Cove", based off the fame Creepy pasta on the internet. This is the very first scene in Episode 1. I'd like to thank everyone who has agreed to be a part of this show, even if this only shows 2 of them. I'd also like to thank the Newgrounds community for giving me a Trophy on "Let's Creep!", I hope this also gets one.

Enjoy :D

UPDATE: The show is canceled because Mr. Kris Straub, the guy who wrote the original story, does not want me to make it. Hence, I cannot.

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I see potential. A shame the author shot it down. I like that Janice doesn't seem to be your typical girly girl. This suggests she may have been able to hold her own for a bit at least until the Skin Taker debuted.

DingoWalleyStudio responds:

Thanks, and she indeed would have (Episode two would have her kicking a cop in the shin XD I could explain that but I don't feel like doing so XD).

Thanks again :D

Another 3 inches, and you would have hit the mom in the eyes.

DingoWalleyStudio responds:

Haha ha XD Yeah, she would have lol

Thanks for liking the cartoon :D

It was pretty good, though I was expecting it to be scary and creepy because of all the creepypasta I've read about it. I'm really sad that you can't make the show, I'm really curious about all this stuff about candle cove, lots of people seem to be talking about it, though I can't seem to find any relevant information about it on the internet.

DingoWalleyStudio responds:

Yeah, it really sucks I can't make it 3: It got scarier towards the end, when you met Horace Horrible and the Skin-Taker, as well as some easter eggs involving "Demonic Janice" and Dr. Crohw.

Thanks for liking the cartoon though...

Her mom is so bland. Even I only act like a lady at church, and even then it's hard. Great work!

DingoWalleyStudio responds:

XD Women of the 1600's usually were. Of course she only wants what is best for her daughter, like any good mother XD I hope to flesh her out as the series goes on.

Thanks for liking the cartoon :D

I agree with the mom, women should be quiet and good cooks :) GO MOM!

DingoWalleyStudio responds:

Ha lol Well, I guess that's your opinion. I don't agree with it, but whatever...

Thanks for rating it and commenting :D

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3.13 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2011
8:26 PM EST