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Leo & Satan in 3D

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Note: (This is in Black and White, as the bright Reds of Satan and cool Blues of Leo's Pajamas really contrast with Red & Cyan anaglyph glasses. If you wish to see the full color version on youtube, there are links at the beginning and end of the video.)

This was a little stereoscopic animation test made with the lovable characters created by Chris O'Neill and Sean Keily.

As short of a test this was, it took a lot longer to make than anticipated, but working and going to school tend to interfere with an animation project.

This was more or less a learning experience, working with animations in the 3rd Dimension. I certainly learned a lot and may make more animations like this in the future (still in 3D, though something else besides Leo & Satan).

I may make a tutorial on how to convert your 2D animations to 3D animations (on youtube) if I get enough requests for it, or a request by OneyNG himself.

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I have a pair of those.... but I need to wait till I get home

The vid was funny but very short (though I completely understand that $hit isnt easy to make) hope you guys can make more soon...

Awesome? I'm sad because the only 3D glasses I have are theones from Jackass 3D and the pairs I've stolen from seeing 3D movies... no red and cyan. WOMP WOMP WAAAAAAAA.

lol that was iight

randomly happening to have 3d glasses on hand FTW lol


feels like im high

mohawkade responds:

I get that a lot from my 3D movies!