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Star FAX Paradox

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A Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars in Europe) Paradox!
I firstly wanted to show some of my voice imitations (all voices were made by me), but it is really hard when my British accent gets in the way :/

Other than that, I drew quite a lot in the flash. At the start, it has got much better quality, but I was going really really slow... so I decreased the quality to make it faster.
Guess that for my first submission is not THAT bad :c

A fair part of the humor might only be visible to those who are really into the Star Fox saga though.

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Quite good!

Overall it's a nice composition to start, seems really nice compared to what users tend to make for a first flash ever.

I was expecting it to be a bit longer, the ending joke had quite a lot potential lol
I hope you make them longer if you keep making moar of this

Keep it up dude

Kudonai responds:

Thanks! :P I'll keep an eye on that. (But I'm afraid I'm really lazy sometimes lol)

Good animation. A little too random.

Good first submission, and I can see your art and animation are up to par. You're a little short on the voice acting, so maybe you can find someone to do it for you.

While I might not have gotten all of the Star Fox jokes (I've played a little bit of every game,) the jokes seemed that they would've been too dry anyway.

I hope to see more from you soon.

Kudonai responds:

Thanks sir, I appreciate these reviews a lot!
I know I have to keep practicing in order to improve the voice acting issues. But it was my first attempt :P Not really an excuse, but I promise I'll keep practicing those. I had nobody to review me at first, so I could have fixed it, but this will do for the next time.

The jokes are not really random at all. Most of them are based on Star 64 though. While one is against the fanbase (the pheasant thing).
As for the "dry" thing.. well, it kinda depends on your humor for the Star Fox saga and also because of my lack of drawing skills.
If I had drawn those in a better way, like emphasizing the characters attitude, it'd probably had worked better. Again, I'll try to work harder for that.

Thank you very much >:D
In order to reach more audience I needed reviews like this.


this animation made my day!

Kudonai responds:

W00t, glad to hear so! :P

just plane funny

The humor in this goes well with it's animation
however the voice acting for fox could have been a little better.

Kudonai responds:

Thanks mate!
Hehe, yeah, I guess you're right.
I was focusing so much in not showing any British accent that I guess his voice went a bit unnatural xDU
I'll keep working on that! >:3 thanks!

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4.07 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2011
8:44 PM EDT

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