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LL - Coding (SW3)

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Submission Week entry #3
LL - Coding (Loop)

This is an older flash I made from 2006 that isn't on NG yet. I still have 4 more of those to go, so that's a total of 7 flashes in 7 days; 3 loops and 4 full movies.

If you enjoyed this flash, please visit www.locklegion.org/forums and come hang out with us. You will be able to learn flash there and meet a lot of cool people!

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please stop

psi43 sstop flooding the portal with ur spammy lock movies every day

they are not good. THIS IS MY OPINON

Reminds me of the good old days

Back when trash ran things and everything was young and new

Could have been longer and etc.

Before reading the rest of my review. I would like the readers of this review to know when I review any video or game on Newgrounds I look at it's story, attended audience, length, skill level, and etc before composing a review.

Normally I like to write movie review styled reviews for flash videos but this time I did not. Why? Well because in this flash video, even though its great in the animation, art, and audio department, lacked depth and draw to the audience. I do rate it low too because it isn't anything new to Newgrounds. Skill level a lone doesn't make a flash video great. I will add I personally find these kind of short looped flashes boring but that still doesn't go without saying Oliver Reipschlaeger (Psi43) does have skill as a artist and flash animator. Oliver Reipschlaeger (Psi43) longer flash videos are great and I do like them.

Now with all that said I would recommend to the author of this flash video to submit longer flash videos only. Focus on what I know you do best which is your lengthier flash videos. Oliver Reipschlaeger (Psi43), you should have know already there are truly a lot of short looped flashes here on Newgrounds and few are actually interesting at all. I think short flash videos are more so practicing projects and that's it. Oliver Reipschlaeger (Psi43), you do great work as I have said before and I do want to see more of your longer videos. Your skill as a animator and artist in this short looped flash video is great and I can't recommend how you could improve on skills you are already good at. I hope you don't find me too harsh on your short flash video because I am only being honest here and I do think you're great over all.

Psi43 responds:

hey hey, it's totally fine, all's cool beans. Thanks for the review.

By the way, this flash was made in 2006 so that's almost 6 years ago now haha. I have 2 more loops I will submit in the course of the week (also old ones) but after that, it'll be full fledged movies only.


..pretty much as "epic" as Hollywood always tries to make hacking out to be.

Looks nice. :)

Psi43 responds:

lmfao thanks, it was actually a birthday flash i made for trash in 2006, he was coding for the LL at that time