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SpacemanBob Time Apple HD

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Author Comments

This is a remaster of a film originally made in 2008 for the "Secret Handshake" (a monthly animation contest held in Melbourne, Loopdeloop being its spiritual successor) although due to finishing late it was never screened. The theme that month was Time Travel. This new version has been remastered in HD and also contains an updated audio track and a few environmental animations.

Spaceman Bob and the Time Apple tells the story of Bob, an Astronaut bored one night in the city. He is approached by a mystical stranger and offered a magic apple. What does the apple do? Well allows you to travel through time of course.

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random crap

ending with crap

I liked the story...

The story was alright, but the animation could use a little work. Even if you're going for minimal animation, it could be a little smoother. And maybe, since the whole thing seemed like an old cartoon, try making it a little grainy? That's just my thought on it.

Gerkinman responds:

The grain effect is something I had considered for the Vimeo and Youtube release, but its not something I know how to pull off in flash without it severely effecting performance.

No more apples for me

I have a feeling this is till going somewhere.

Gerkinman responds:

Wow Applejack, you sure do love apples.


this animation has its original sense of humor and sometimes its quite funny, but the most annoying thing was animation quality. i mean not the drawing but the lack of movement. instead of making and HD version, u shouldve showed the movement of characters, cuz sometimes its rly annoying that parts of body just teleport...
an old idea and predictable ending, lack of quality animation makes this funny and original movie lame 6/10 3/5

Gerkinman responds:

Im sorry the animation quality spoiled the short for you. I wont be animating that way again :)

majoras mask reference lol

nice animation but the sounds where kind of meh. im not really sure if i they didn't flow right with the rest of the audio or if they where just reused too much but something seemed off. other that that it was a cool animation and had a funny plot.

Gerkinman responds:

Glad to see someone picked up on my little Majoras Mask homage in there ha ha. Im not to sure about what about the sounds didn't work. Perhaps it was that there were too realistic and it didn't sit well with the overly cartoon visuals. Glad you had fun.