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American Pokemon

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to kids who love pokemon - SORRY
to nintendo - SORRY
to kids with cancer - SORRY
to parents with kids with cancer - SORRY
to mild mannered farmers - SORRY

To elaborate, we were going to to a pokemon collab, I'm not that familiar with pokemon so I figured I'd tie it into all those twisted TLC shows that document screwed up/unhealthy individuals as well as Discovery channel shows that take things to the XTREME. This wasn't some blatant attempt to mock sick people...come on now.

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Why. Pokemans. And why is is enything that this man thinks is a pokemon have a.name mixed with pikachu. I will never like you.... Forget the last part it was kinda funny for a video

Very cool! Really makes you feel for the misfortunate father.

Wow, currently filling up my underpants with ecstasy!!!!!!!