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to kids who love pokemon - SORRY
to nintendo - SORRY
to kids with cancer - SORRY
to parents with kids with cancer - SORRY
to mild mannered farmers - SORRY

To elaborate, we were going to to a pokemon collab, I'm not that familiar with pokemon so I figured I'd tie it into all those twisted TLC shows that document screwed up/unhealthy individuals as well as Discovery channel shows that take things to the XTREME. This wasn't some blatant attempt to mock sick people...come on now.


I don't care what people say about their dads dying or whatever. This shit was funny and dark as hell and I love it. I was a kid who was always legitimately terrified of this sort of shit growing up, and that grey area in my mind of comedy and terror is just perfect.

But, you reused the same crying animation at the end. Sorry, that's half a star.

This is amazing, please never turn pc Jeff.

Jeff has a supremely likable art style and the color choices are great too. The comedy was alright, made me smile and chuckle, but I can see why it would offend people (given the stories I've heard on SleepyCast about its reception over the years). Nonetheless, it's an essential Newgrounds flash, and I re-watch it time to time for comedic and artistic inspiration.

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This generally had me creasing so hard! Love the art style and billys tumour exploding made it so sick but hilarious, great vid.

Not only is this hilarious, but I love the art style.

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3.99 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2011
8:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody

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